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The Theory & Hazard Perception tests

In July 1996 the British Government introduced the driving theory test, before this the only theory element of the driving test were flashcards used during your practical driving test, at this point, it was a written test. It was not until the year 2000 that the test was bought up to date and it became a computer-based test. In 2002 the theory test was joined by the Hazard Perception test.

As part of the multiple-choice theory tests the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) there was a scenario that needed to be read and questions were asked about particular relevant issues. This was changed in 2020 to be a video to help pupils with language and the challenges such things as dyslexia be able to follow the scenario. 

If you do have reading problems you can ask for headphones so you can listen to the questions and answers being read out by the computer. Should you have the challenges of things like dyslexia or other learning problems you can ask for a “Special Test” which can include having an examiner sit with you to not only read out the questions but work the computer for you. 

To help you study for the theory and hazard perception test we suggest you purchase the Highway Code and Know Your Traffic Signs books and either a CD Rom or App to practice both parts of the test.

The Theory element

The theory element of the modern driving test is 50 multiple choice questions which has a pass mark of 43. You will have 57 minutes to complete this part of the test which covers a number of topics including,

  • Alertness
  • Attitude
  • Safety & Your Vehicle
  • Safety Margins
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Vulnerable Road Users
  • Other Types of Vehicle
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Motorway Rules
  • Rules of the Road
  • Road & Traffic Signs
  • Documents
  • Accidents
  • Vehicle Loading

The questions selected are randomly taken bank of approximately 1000 questions. You can see how the theory test works at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkBPuNbgCAI

The Hazard Perception

The Hazard Perception test is 14 film clips where the candidate has recognise, by clicking the mouse, a potential hazard. 1 of the film clips will have 2 potential hazards contained in it. A pass mark of 44 out of a possible 75. Each potential hazard has a maximum of 5 points available.

If you fail 1 of the tests you fail both tests, unfortunately it’s an all or nothing test.

You can book your driving test direct with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency at https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test or if you are a more traditionalist and would like to speak to someone you can call the DVSA on 0300 200 1122.

** Please note that there are many fraudulent websites and some that want to charge you an administration fee for booking your test for you. Booking is easy so please do not pay an administration fee, your test should cost you just £23.00**

Dont Forget

When you go to take your theory test make sure you take your driving licence with you or they will not allow you to take the test.

For study material you will need a copy of the Highway Code, Knowing Your Traffic Signs and a CD Rom or App to practice with.