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New Driving Test for Portsmouth and Lee on the Solent

On the 4th of December the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is due to launch its new style tests and this includes the driving tests centre in Portsmouth and the driving test centre in Lee On The Solent. For many years now the DVSA have run the driving test and include the dreaded reverse around a corner and the turn in a road manoeuvres. These are set to be replaced in the new test with a reverse out of a bay and a pull up on the right, reverse back to car lengths then move off safely manoeuvres. I think many of us would agree that this is a good move for all as not only does it take away 2 of the more difficult manoeuvres but it also brings the test more up to date and in line with modern ways of driving.

The biggest change to the test is the introduction of a Sat Nav. At the moment a pupil is asked to either follower signs to a destination or a series of junctions or both for about 10 minutes but this is being replaced by following a Sat Nav for 20 minutes. This is the hot subject being discussed by driving instructors because Sat Nav’s are notorious for giving directions either too early or too late at junctions. If you get an easy route to follow the Sat Nav will make it easier but if a tricky junction or one that isn’t obvious is included in the route it will make it harder. In my opinion the Sat Nav is a poor decision as many people only ever use a Sat Nav when they are going on long journeys not when they are going to work, shopping or visiting family/friends which is probably 99% of our journeys. Neither you nor your Portsmouth driving instructor will not need to provide a Sat Nav as the driving test as examiners will bring their own with preloaded routes on them and these will include stop off points for the manoeuvres.

At the moment each candidate of a driving test is asked to answer 2 questions about aspects of the car at the beginning of the test e.g. “How do you check the tyre pressure of this car” or “can you show me how to operate the windscreen wipers”. They are not too hard but the new test will have 1 question before you move off and 1 on the move which again I think is more realistic because you would use your windscreen wipers whilst driving and would switch on your lights whilst driving.
The scoring system will remain the same with a combination of 16 minor driver faults or any serious or dangerous marks giving you a fail.

The driving test examiners from Lee on the Solent and the examiners at the Portsmouth driving test centres will have had specific training on the new test and the routes as well specific knowledge of what to do if the Sat Nav malfunctions. Don’t worry your driving instructor will be fully up to speed with the changes and give you the best advice to help you get through your driving test.

You can more information on the new driving test at

You can find the driving test centres –

Portsmouth Driving Test Centre
Opposite Fort Southwick
James Callaghan Drive
PO17 6AR

Lee on the Solent Driving Test Centre
The Richard Sainsbury Building
Daelalus Argus Gate
Daelalus Drive
Lee on the Solent
PO13 9JY